Tuesday, March 3, 2009

make 3D using photoshop

Create a new document. I used a 1000 x 600 pixels.

Pick a good looking gradient. In my example I used a blue color, but the choice of color can be up to you. This step is totally optional but next I filled my layer with 50% gray, added "Halftone Pattern" which can be found in Filter > Sketch > Halftone Pattern. Last, I changed my blending mode to "Soft Light". I just felt like it would look better if what I am about to show you is on some type of a background.

Next, select an Elliptical Marquee Tool and create a circle while holding the Shift button. Put the circle on the left top corner of your document. Then, fill it a "Copper" gradient, and desaturate it.

Now, select a pen tool, and draw a path that looks similar to mine. Make sure that you start the path of from the center of the circle.

Now, select your smudge tool. Put the hardness and strength to 100%. Now make the size a little bit smaller than the circle that you made and click once inside of it with smudge tool.

Now, go to your "Paths" palette , right click on the path that you have selected, and choose "Stroke Path". In the pull down menu, select Smudge. Make sure that "Simulate Pressure" is unchecked.

Now change the blending mode of the tube layer to "Hard Light", however "Overlay, Soft Light" and other also look good. I also dropped the opacity to 70%. Next what you have to do is distort it. That will make it look like it is 3D.

This is what I made, using the technique I showed you. Enjoy! :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mortal Kombat 4 Portable Full Version

Thousands of years ago in a battle with the fallen Elder God known as Shinnok, I was responsible for the death of an entire civilization.
To rid all realms of Shinnok's menace I waged a war that plunged the Earth into centuries of darkness and banished Shinnok into a place called the Netherealm.
Now after Shao Kahn's defeat at the hands of Earth's warriors, Shinnok has managed to escape his confines in the Netherealm.
The war is now being fought once again. Only this time It can be won by mortals.

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Urban Freestyle Soccer Full Version

Urban Freestyle Soccer takes the world’s most popular sport back to its street roots with gang-style teams competing against their rivals for the rights to home turf. It’s a brand new type of soccer, featuring mind-blowing freestyle tricks and no rules in authentic, visually striking urban environments.

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Part 2

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Kung Fu Panda Full Version

Kung Fu Panda
is a video game based on the film of the same name.
Based on the film from DreamWorks Animation, Kung Fu Panda the Game takes you on an action-packed adventure from the movie and beyond. Battle against Tai Lung and his minions, navigate awesome environments, and overcome dangerous obstacles on your quest to become The Legendary Dragon Warrior. The game was released on June 3rd in North America.

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Download Ragnarok Battle Offline Fighting 2 Full Version

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